IDOBAO OW/OB Cherry Profile Transparent ABS Customized Keycaps Kit

Theme :


This creation is a tribute paid to a great artist Virgil Abloh and simultaneously transplant our translucent series to the keycaps. We are creating this new Original White (OW) and Original Black (OB) series based on the characteristic with oriantal white and oriantal black of the beautiful style and our unique "Translucent" series.

Every keys you can see has undergone five versions of iterative improvements, including the selection of materials and crafts. As a result, it's almost the highest density of ABS transparent material that can be done in the process. Whether the larger or smaller characters on the keycaps, the initial version of the small characters was too tiny and almost invisible. We managed to modify and finally created the version you can see now.



High-End Product ---- It's the fusion of design and technique. Differing from the plastic feel of other transparent keycaps, it's an experience of customization that only our high-density materials and craftsmanship can bring.

High Glossiness: ----The screen printing technique makes the fonts clear and bright.

Strong Three-Dimensional Sense: ---- Screen printing allows us to bring up the situation of the font color, offering a stronger-than-ever visual perception.

Touch smoothly ---- Ultra-high density ABS material brings the best typing experience.



Theme: Transparent series

Keycap color: Translucent / Black Translucent

Font Color: Oriental White / Oriental Black

Profile: Cherry Profile

Material: ABS

Printing Technique:Silk Screen Printing

Thickness: 1.5mm

Keys: 129 keys

Layouts: 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, WKL, 1800, 96-key, full-size, and more.


Package includes:

Keys *129

Keycap puller * 1


Friendly Reminds: Only Keycaps included, no keyboard.

The color is subject to the physical photos. If you have special requirements, please purchase them carefully.


Design team :IDOBAO

Manufacturer: IDOBAO

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