ID80 's Q&A



1. Q: is it possible to use this keyboard with the ISO layout?

A: we cann't use this ISO layout now, we will push this ISO version in July.


2.Q: About shipping time and Estimated delivery time

A: Normal,We will ship it in 3-5 work day. EUB Estimated delivery time is 30-45 work day


3.Q: Which countries can we send it to?

A:Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Ukraine, Spain, United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Portugal, Singapore, Poland,Italy, only these now. if you need other.pls give me a message,


4: Q: Any different in Plate mounted version with PCBA mounted version.

A: Pls check this web link


5: Q: Can I assume that since the pcb mounted stabilizer option is now available, this clearance issue has been solved and is no longer a problem? 

A: Yes, this is no problem now, Pls check this web link


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  • Hello I made purchase on 4/20/2020, Which version of the board will I receiving and when will it be expected to be shipped?

    H on
  • Is it ship to south korea?

    Fadhil on
  • Finally – ISO. Waiting for July!

    Aliaksei on
  • When can we expect the group buys to be sent out?

    Liam on
  • I wanted to order the ID80
    but it appears you do not ship to Latvia
    is there any chance of this changing?

    Dominiks on

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