Design Story

IDOBAO was initially known for the ID80 mechanical keyboard into the custom keyboards, and now collaborates with Kailh to bring a new mechanical switch---"Elf Switch". IDOBAO collect feedback and data from market research, and Kailh uses precisely molded nylon and pc to create these switch housings.

 IDOBAO x Kailh Co-branded 

We create Co-branded switches with Kailh, using Kailh sourced materials for a satisfyingly smooth press. Tight manufacturing tolerances give them a clean, silent sound. Engineered for ergonomics, their 40-gram spring weight prevents finger cramping during longer typing sessions.

Ultra Silcent Sound

Whatever you choose tactile or linear of the "Elf Switch", it will show you the excatly silent sound but still keep the mechanical clicking experience to you.To let you could focus on your working or gaming without worrying about disturb your colleagues/mates or family.

Both Linear and Tactile for Choice

We bring 2 choice of different kinds of switches this time.Elf switches have 35g--tactile and 40g--linear to match most of your demand in typing.The green-white one is linear with smooth clicking and the purple-grey one is tactile with classic clicking feeling.


Easily plug Elf switches into any of our Idobao keyboards and the Idobao Montex. Their mx cross style stem (+) accepts all mechanical keyboard keycaps, and a cutout in their housing allows your board’s LED backlighting to pass through.

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