IDOBAO MA Profile Carbon PBT Dye-sublimation Keycaps Kit

Color :
Base Kit
65% Layout Kit

Designed by idobao team. 

Colour: Carbon black/Beige/Orange

MA Elements Complete Set: 132 keycaps in total.

MA Elements 63 Kit: 77 keycaps in total.


  • 1. MA profile is higher than XDA and DSA,it's ball shape caps.The thickness is around 1.4mm.

  • 2. Orange and beige use The legend is dye sublimation which never fades, and carbon black uses dyed laser carving.

  • 3. There is raised line on F J Numpad 5.

Product packaging information:

  • 1 * including the purchase of all keycaps

  • 1 * other packaging

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