IDOBAO MA Profile Graffiti Keycaps Kit

颜色 :


While many keycaps have to choose between shine-through emphasis and beautiful legend design, the IDOBAO Graffiti MA Profile Keycap Set manages to capture great aesthetics with the lights on or off. The keycaps use black plating on their surface with beautifully carved legends that give each key the appearance of a comic book panel with cartoonish characters set against flat, mat backgrounds. Turn on the RGB though, and that background lights up with translucent brilliance, so you can really let your keyboard’s LED array shine. Each key is made of sturdy ABS to ensure solid contours and long-lasting durability, and thanks to the MA profile, there’s a satisfying height to the feel of these keycaps. In short, the Graffiti Keycap Set is picture perfect.


Superiority ---- Blend design and technology, different from other PBT keycaps, completely high-density materials and processes to bring the customization experience
High gloss ---- Dye-sublimation makes the characters clear and shiny
Strong sense of dimensionality ---- Dye-sublimation makes the font full of color, bringing a very strong visual perception
Good handeness ---- super high density PBT material brings the best handfeel experience


Theme: Graffiti Black / Graffiti White
Charactor Color: Black / White
Profile: MA
Material: ABS
Thickness: 1.5mm
Tech: Doubleshot / Plating
Keys: 127 keys
Compatible: Cherry MX Switches and Clones

Friendly reminder: only the keycaps are included, no keyboard.
The color is subject to the actual photo. If you have special requirements, please be careful to buy.

Design team: IDOBAO
Manufacturer: IDOBAO

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