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model white black red green brown Cyan milk
Total travel 4-0.5mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.5mm 4-0.5mm
Trigger stroke 2±0.6mm 2±0.6mm 2±0.6mm 2.2±0.6mm 2±0.6mm 2.2±0.6mm 2.2±0.6mm
initial pressure 40 cN min 30 cN min 30 cN min 25 cN min 30 cN min 25 cN min 30 cN min
Trigger pressure 55±15 cN 60±120 cN 45±15 cN 70±15 cN 45±15 cN 50±15 cN 70±20 cN
Paragraph pressure 65±20 cN 80±15 cN 55±15 cN 60±15 cN 80±20 cN
Paragraph trip 1.25mm 1.25mm 1.25mm 1.75mm 2mm
Bottom pressure 100 cN max 90 cN max 60 cN max 90 cN max 60 cN max 60 cN max  90 cN max




Black switch

Without paragraph sense, the best or fastest contact point (2mm) can be achieved. Because the linear axis is straight up and down, it is suitable for playing games and triggers faster. If it is a code word, it is not suitable. Using fingers for a long time will cause a certain fatigue. At present, black axis is more suitable in game keyboards.

Red switch

There is no paragraph sense, which is the lightest pressure axis in CHERRY Axis at present. Some people call it the light pressure version of Black Axis, which has certain basis. It has no paragraph sense like Black Axis, and keeps the high trigger of Black Axis, which is the highest embodiment of Universal Axis at present. It can keep the same game characteristics as Black Axis.

Brown switch

Slight sense of paragraph, I call it Almighty Axis, which is a kind of axis with good performance in both games and typing. Tea Axis triggers slightly slower than Black Axis (2.0mm), but it has lighter pressure gram than Black Axis, which makes it easier to get started.

Cyan switch

The paragraph sense is very good, and the lightsome typing tool is a shaft with a particularly strong sense of rhythm, which makes it easy for users to find a sense of rhythm. With its mechanical sense, the easy typing work ends happily.

White switch

Compared with the black axis, the pressure gram is larger, the paragraph sense is stronger than the tea axis, the bond distance is shorter than the green axis, 2.2mm can trigger, it is a rare axis, and the pressure gram is 100g

Milk switch

The milk axis and the green axis are similar, and the trigger pressure, paragraph pressure and bottoming pressure are basically the same. The difference is that the paragraph stroke of the milk axis is 2mm behind, the green axis and the green axis are ahead, and the pressure is 90g at 1.25 mm. 

Green switch

In CHERRY MX axis series, the output will be very small, and the green axis circulating in the market will be even less. Its hand feeling and sound are similar to those of the green axis, but the pressing force is greater than that of the green axis, and the pressing force is close to that of the black axis. It is suitable for people who don't like the soft hand feeling of the green axis, and the pressure index is 70g.



10 * Cherry switch (according to the purchase quantity)

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