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model 62 g 65 g 67 g 78 g
Type Two paragraphs shaft Two paragraphs shaft Two paragraphs shaft Two paragraphs shaft
Trigger pressure 62g paragraph axis 65g paragraph axis 67g paragraph axis 78g paragraph axis
Service life 50 million times 50 million times 50 million times  50 million times




  • 62g zealios - smooth and light weight, slightly heavier than mx browns, but provides a smoother experience, clearer and lighter than mx browns, tactile collision feedback. A lighter variant of Zealio.

  • 65 g zealios - smooth, long, elongated tactile bump in the middle. A beautiful cushion when it hits the bottom.

  • 67g zealios - smooth, "crispy and sensitive" tactile feel near the top (this is due to the spring design, all zealios share the same rod), it has more cushioning when bottoming out than 65g zealios.

  • 78 g zealios - suitable for those who like a slightly lighter mx but want a smooth, obvious tactile bump. From start to finish, spring is heavier than all other zealio variants.



10 * Gateron switch(according to the purchase quantity)

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