IDOBAO ice cream color matching plug data cable TAK cable

Color :
Milk Cookies
vanilla fruit
Strawberry jam
blueberry jam
milk grapes
blueberry milk

Pls pay attention:Only incluing cable, not other things.Before buying, pls confirm your cable port type.



Type-c port TAK keyboard data cable, segmented data cable, both practical and cool, very suitable for desktop display, durable, youthful color, very stylish and beautiful.



white, black, grey, pink, Lemon yellow, Braided wire, yellow, red
Winding length: about 0.4m (max length: about 2m)
Length of straight line: about 0.95m
Data line diameter: about 5.2mm

The cable diameter is approximately 19.25mm.



1 * plugs and unpluggs data lines TAK cable

1 * Other packaging

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