IDOBAO ID80 v3 Bestype 75% Layout Gasket Mount Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard Kit (ANSI Layout)

$289.00 $269.00

Product description

A compact configuration to feature the top function —the ID80 Crystal version mechanical keyboard kit from IDOBAO makes a great fit on any desk. This board is both durable and easy to build. Its PCB also features Kailh hot-swap sockets, which allow users to quickly change switches without a soldering .

Number of Keys 80 keys   Frame TKL Layout
Structure Style Gasket Mount   Lighting South-facing RGB LED
Keycap Support MX    Switch Support MX Switches (3 pins & 5 pins)
MCU Atemal32U4   Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Keyboard Interface Type-C   Operating System Windows / Mac / iOS / Linux
Top Case Material Aluminum   Bottom Case Material Aluminum
Stabs Screw-in Stabilizers   Angel
Length 326.5mm   Width 145mm
Front Height 17.7mm   Back Weight 32.5mm
Weight 2080g   Operating Environment -10℃ to 50 ℃

Default PCB version (v2) just support per key led with RGB underglow.
You can click here to add 5 more fee ($5) to update the v3 version pcb (support per key rgb with RGB underglow).


Package Listing:  
ID80 Bestype Barebone Keyboard  * 1 Cable * 1
Keycap-Switch Puller * 1 User manual (include brand card) * 1
Case Screws * 3 Hot-swap * 3
Pcb Screws * 3 Plate screws * 3
Copper stud * 3 Gasket Silicone * 5
Resistor * 2 Silicone Feet * 4


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