IDOBAO ICE Series MX Mechanical Keyboard (Gasket Mount)

Style :
Note: OW keycap set is out of stock now. we will ship OB keycap set, if you do not wanna it, could email us the keycap set you wanna, any set of keycap in our website. Thanks.


Model Gateron KS8 White
Top case material PC
Bottom case material Nylon PA66
Stem POM
Mount pin
Life 600 thousands
Pressure 35g
Actuation Force 35±15gf
Bottom Out Force 40g
Trigger 2.0±0.6 mm
Total Travel 4.0±0.6 mm
Progressive Spring 15mm
Size 158*156*11.1mm
Sound Level Low
Finger Strike Feeling Vertical, weak pressing force, smooth rebound
Suits Office / Gaming


Number of Keys 67/80/87 keys   Theme ICE Series
Structure Style Gasket Mount   Lighting South-facing RGB
Keycap Version ABS Keycap   Keycap Theme Transparent OW
Switch Type KS8 White / Box White   Switch Support MX Switches (3 pins & 5 pins)
MCU Atemal32U4   Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Keyboard Interface Type-C   Operating System Windows / Mac / iOS / Linux
Top Case Material Acrylic   Bottom Case Material Aluminum
Stabs Screw-in Stabilizers   Angel
Length 326.5mm   Width 145mm
Front Height 17.7mm (without keycaps)   Back Weight 32.5mm (without keycaps)
Weight 1680g (without keycaps)   Operating Environment -10℃ to 50 ℃

Default PCB version (v3) support per key RGB with RGB underglow.

Package Listing:  
ICE Series Barebone Keyboard  * 1 Transparent OW Keycap Kit * 1
KS8 White Switches / Box Switches * 70/83/90pcs Keycap-Switch Puller * 1
Cable * 1  
User manual (include brand card) * 1  
Case Screws * 3 Hot-swap * 3
Pcb Screws * 3 Cherry Stabs * 3
Copper stud * 3 Gasket Silicone * 5
Resistor * 2 Silicone Feet * 4




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