Time-Limited Flash Sale for ID42
Time-Limited Flash Sale for ID42

Time-Limited Flash Sale for ID42

Whats in the box
ID42 Barebone Keyboard * 1 Sitckers * 5 
Screwdriver * 1 Cable * 1
User manual (include brand card) * 1 Dust Bag * 1
Case Screws * 3 Hot-swap * 3
Pcb Screws * 6  
Cherry Stabs * 3
Resistor * 2 Silicone Feet * 4


2022-11-25 0:00 (PST TIME)

2022-11-25 20:00 (PST TIME)

2022-11-26 20:00 (PST TIME)

2022-11-27 20:00 (PST TIME)

Minimalist Design for
EMA Profile 

Multiple pattern-making , re-selection of materials and craftsmanship for many times, testing of different experiences brought by different heights, and finally chose this height.
With the minimalist font design, the italic font with thin and simple looking, feeling the simple beauty in this exclusive EMA Profile.

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