IDOBAO National Park Themed Keycaps kit



This creation is a love and tribute to America's national parks, in which the peaks of Ice National Park, the waterfalls and American antelope of Yellowstone, the Lion Mountain of Archstone National Park, and the essential camping tents of the national parks are incorporated into the elements.



High-end product ------ fusion of design and technology. Unlike the plastic feel of other clear keycaps, this is a custom experience that only our high-density materials and craftsmanship can deliver.

High gloss ------ Dye-sublimation for font and pattern reproduction is currently the best.

Smooth to the touch ------ Ultra high density PBT material for the best typing experience.

Durable ------ Dye-sublimation makes the keycaps more wear-resistant, no abrasion marks for long time use.



Theme: National Park

Keycap color: White/Yellow/Blue

Font color: Black

Height: XDA

Material: PBT

Printing process: Dye-sublimation

Thickness: 1.5mm

# Keys: 132 keys

Layout: 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, WKL, 1800, 96 keys, full size, etc.


package includes:

Key * 132 (with supplementary keys)

Keycap puller * 1


Friendly reminder: Only keycaps are included, no keyboard.

The color is subject to the actual photo. If you have special requirements, please be careful to buy.


Design team: IDOBAO

Manufacturer: IDOBAO

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