IDOBAO EMA two-color translucent personalized keycap 9 keys

Color :


EMA Profile Classic Black White keycaps, designed and manufactured by idobao team. ABS+PC material, Double Shot , unique profile plus ergonomic Design.



ABS: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)is a copolymer plastic that is commonly used in the production of keycaps for keyboards. It is durable and resistant and have a smooth texture. The texture can be nice to glide your fingers across the keyboard.

Double-shot molding is a two-step process, legends will never fade from double-shot keycaps. more bolder and vibrant. uniformly smooth—no raised or indented textures.

EMA Profile ergonomic Design, higher than cherry, Lower than SA profile, it's ball shape caps. The thickness is around 1.5mm.



Name: EMA two-color translucent personalized keycap 9 keys

Variants: black/pink/blue/purple

Profile: EMA

Material: ABS

Printing process: Double shot molding

Keys: 9


Package includes:

Keys *9

Keycap puller * 1


Friendly reminder: Only keycaps are included, no keyboard. 

The color is subject to the actual photo. If you have special requirements, please be careful to buy.


design: IDOBAO

Manufacturer: IDOBAO

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