IDOBAO Integrated Mechanical Keyboard for id67 / id80 / id87 (ready to use)

$169.00 $159.00
Color :
ID80 Black
ID80 Whitte
ID67 Very pery
ID80 Very pery
ID87 Very pery
Switch :
Keycap :
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Product name: ID67 / 80 / 87 V1 Assembled Kit

 Style Barebone Kit Switches Keycaps Extra
Id80v1 White Gateron KS8 Yellow * 80PCS XDA Macaron Kit Cleaning Kit
Id80v1 Black Gateron KS8 Yellow * 80PCS MA Carbon Kit Cleaning Kit
Id67v1 Very pery Gateron KS8 Yellow * 67PCS EMA Elf keycaps /
Id80v1 Very pery Gateron KS8 Yellow * 80PCS EMA Elf keycaps /
Id87v1 Very pery Gateron KS8 Yellow * 87PCS EMA Elf keycaps /


Number of Keys 67 / 80 / 87 keys   Color White/Black/Very pery
Structure Style Integrated Mount   Lighting South-facing and Underglow(check the note below)
Keycap Support MX Keycap   Switch Support MX Switches (3 pins & 5 pins)
MCU Atemal32U4   Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Keyboard Interface Type-C   Operating System Windows / Mac / iOS / Linux
Top Case Material Aluminum   Bottom Case Material Aluminum
Stabs Screw-in Stabilizers   Angel
Length 317.5mm   Width 137mm
Front Height 17.5mm   Back Weight 31.5mm
Weight 940g   Operating Environment -10℃ to 50 ℃


Default PCB version of ID67 IS v3PCB-supports per key RGB with RGB underglow.

Default PCB version of ID80 IS v2PCB-supports per key led with RGB underglow.

Default PCB version of ID87 IS v1PCB-supports RGB underglow ONLY.

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