IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit
IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit
IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit
IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit
IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit
IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit

IDOBAO XDA Macaron Keycaps Kit

ThemeHoney milk / Macaron
TechPBT / Dye-sub
Weight0.95 lb
141 Keys
CompatibleCherry MX switches and clones
Keycap PullerYes
Size12 inch * 6.5 inch * 1.57 inch

Beautiful Design for
XDA Profile 

  Beautiful pattern-making , re-selection of materials and craftsmanship for many times, testing of different experiences brought by different heights, and finally chose this height.
  XDA keycaps are low profile and uniform, is a solid option for both gaming and quick or regular typing.


   Dye-sublimation uses heat to impregnate the keycaps with dye. The dye actually becomes part of the plastic keycaps, ensuring the legend will never fade like pad-printed legends do. This technique improves dye-sub keycaps' resistance to wear and tear and makes it nearly impossible to fade out over time.

PBT Material

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a crystalline, high molecular weight polymer. The material is more rigid and thick, sound is crisp and clean. PBT keycaps have exceptional durability and are well-designed to withstand intense pressure during keystrokes, making them ideal for gaming. And PBT's copolymer plastic is much more durable, resistant, and high-quality than the plastic used in the other keycaps.

XDA Profile

  XDA keycaps are a shorter keycap profile which is similar to DSA, but have a larger surface area for typing. Their uniform design allows users to quickly move their hands across the keyboard when typing. DSA keycaps are quite similar, but are a bit shorter. Its adorable, and it feels amazing. Compared to other keycaps, these keycaps have a large surface area and very low ridges. 

Widely Compatibility

Within the 141 keys, it is a full layout keycaps kit with 33 modifier keys that could accommodate ANSI  layout keyboards.Different sizes of ENTER/SPACEBAR/SHIFT/CTRL/FN/ALT/WINDOWS keys and  function keys such as PG UP/PG DOWN/DEL/END/CTRL/ALT make it compatible with most 60%/65%/75%/85%/90% and full layout MX mechanical keyboards.You can take it home without any worries about its compatibility with your keyboard.

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