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IDOBAO ID67 Crystal keyboard kit(Gasket mount version)

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    Transparent acrylic
    smokey PC
    brass Plate
    PCB warranty

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    ID67 Crystal assebled vedio

    ID67 manual

    ID67 QMK VIA 

    Designed by idobao team. 

    Want to create a compact, sturdy, and feature-rich compact keyboard? Using IDOBAO's ID67 Crystal version keyboard kit, you can. ID67 Crystal version has a 65% portable layout and can be fully programmed via QMK firmware to help you get twice the result with half the effort. To help you get the best feel when typing, it is equipped with a hot-swappable switch socket-so you don't have to disassemble the soldering iron when installing the switch. For visibility in any room, PCBA is equipped with a complete RGB LED per key.

    product name

    IDOBAO--ID67 Crystal version keyboard kit


    Product description

    ID67 Crystal version has a 65% portable layout and 67 keys, which can be fully programmed by QMK firmware to enable you to get twice the result with half the effort, and can help you get the best feeling when typing.


    Color selection

    (Acrylic): Transparent version

    (PC): smokey

    Note: due to the influence of process, the color of pictures and physical products can not be guaranteed to be restored 100%




    USB Type C connection



    Case material:  Acrylic or PC

    Bottom material:  Acrylic or PC

    Angle: 6 degrees

    Weight: 1.22 kg

    Dimensions:  Width 12cm x length 32.3cm(Manual measurement)

    mounting style : gasket mount

    Hot-swappable PCBA (Kailh hot-swappable sockets) with RGB LED

    QMK with VIA can be programmed 


    only inclue Keyboard kit,Not include switch with Keycaps



    1 * Top case (Acrylic or PC)

    1 * Bottom case (Acrylic or PC)

    1 * brass usb block

    1 * PC Plate

    1 * brass weight

    1 * Kailh Hot swap PCBA

    11 * brass stud

    17 * Black Phillips screws(M2x3)

    15 * black flat head cross screw(M2x3)

    11 * Phillips screws(M2X10)

    2 * Phillips screws(M3X6)

    4 * Cherry Srecw Stabilizers

    1 * USB Type-c data cable

    4* foot pad

    1 * black foam between plate with PCBA

    37 * silicon bar