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IDOBAO in Chinese is ai duo bao, which means "make a lot of babies that you love". It can also be translated into“I DO BAO",  we do treasure. It wholeheartedly provides users with high-quality products. Its company concept is "interested in the people we are interested in". It means paying attention to the user's experience and needs, paying attention to the user's experience and accepting the user's opinions, so as to make products more satisfactory to users.

Idobao was founded in 2017, and its manufacturer is Dongguan Zhujian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in peripheral computer peripherals and other products. Our high-quality products have been warmly responded by the domestic and foreign markets. The peripheral products include id75, id80, id87, Id80v2 and other models, each model has been loved and responded by users. According to users' opinions, a series of modular accessory design is derived, so that users can have a better product experience. Starting from the users, they should return to the users and make the products they really like.

We are a store in China, shipped around the world!

Idobao team