• Mechanical Switches Progress ( includes suggestions for choice )

    Mechanical Switches Progress ( includes suggestions for choice )

    The mechanical keyboard uses mechanical switches instead of membrane switches, which results in more noticeable tactile feedback and longer lifespan. The most important component of a mechanical keyboard is the mechanical switch, and there are many different types that vary in feel, response speed, and sound. In this article, we'll look at the history of mechanical switches, the different types available, who they're best suited...
  • IDOBAO in 2023 CES

    IDOBAO in 2023 CES

    CES has become an important stage for the world's major electronic product companies to release their latest products and high-tech technologies. At the 2023 CES exhibition, IDOBAO, as the manufacturer of deep cultivation of the mechanical keyboard industry, also brought various kind of customized mechanical keyboards this time.   ID67 PLUS  Custom Mechanical Keyboard   The body case of this style is full aluminium,...
  • Idobao id80 series design story

    Id80v1 Idobao id80 v1 (pic from IDOBAO) · Id80v1 is the first batch compact 75% keyboard,it shorted the distance between the keys and makes it be small but keep the function keyboard has. · Full aluminum case makes it have the mechanical feeling and protect the keyboard,anodized aluminum material guarantee the life of it. · 6° slope meet the ergonomic,brings the best experience to...
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