[IC] Abacus [ID42] Hot-swap Keyboard Kit

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Abacus [ID42]

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As in chinese traditional,abacus is a tool for calculating money and bills,is the same as the Chinese meaning of  "computer",called calculator.and this is also the original intention and use of the computer when it was first invented.
One kind of abacus‘s size is nearly this id42 keyboard,also most use and bring everywhere,we hope this keyboard can use like the abacus,easy to carry, easy to use, and beautiful, self-diy.

Google Form for IC(Leave your important opinion here)

Product Design
IC & Improve
Structure Design & Test
Sample Test
Produce & Gourp buy Sale
First batch to send & Off Sale
Group purchase order sending
Restock and On Sale

Latest News
1.the keyboard price have been confirmed at 119$
2.Group buy may will be on Jan.8th. to Feb.2th.,will gifted a customized keycaps kit
3.it has 3 color[White,Black and Very Peri]now,will more in future

Date:4th of January 2022
Lateset:IC Form had been sent in per platform
Next:Sample Test and Collect Feedback
What i am doing now:Making IC post & collect feedback

Renders(White,Black and Very Peri)

Very Peri

Name: Idobao Abacus [ID42] Keyboard
Structure: Top(Frame) Mount
Color: White、Black、Very Peri
Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
Material: Aluminum、Foam
PCB: ID42 PCB from IDOBAO (Support VIA & QMK)
Light:RGB backlit with Per key RGB

Top Case: Aluminium
Bottom case: Aluminium
Kailh Hot sawp PCB
Others:Stabilizers、Screws、Cable、Foot pad、Foam

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