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    IC:New EMA profile:https://forms.gle/6sTaqxtHgby8QGh47 The EMA keycap is a new profile that IDOBAO spent a year re-adjusting. We reduced the height to make it more in line with the typing habits of most people.There is no need to use the wrist rest because of the higher keycap and the more ergonomic design can easily relax the wrist, you will not feel tired when typing for a...
  • What Is a Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard? Types of Hotswap

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    What is a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard?     Hotswap (also known as Hot Swap) allows for quick switch swaps without removing the keyboard and without soldering, a critically acclaimed feature early adopted by the Kono Store and Input Club. Kailh, China's leading switch manufacturer, designs plug sockets that dominate the market, with acclaimed quality and design. Generally speaking, there are currently three hot-swappable methods for...
  • [IC] Abacus [ID42] Hot-swap Keyboard Kit

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    Abacus [ID42] Discord Server for More Updates Here Inspiration As in chinese traditional,abacus is a tool for calculating money and bills,is the same as the Chinese meaning of  "computer",called calculator.and this is also the original intention and use of the computer when it was first invented.One kind of abacus‘s size is nearly this id42 keyboard,also most use and bring everywhere,we hope this keyboard can use...
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