• IDOBAO-- product customized color card

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    Dear keyboard lovers     In order to facilitate some designers or enthusiasts to customize our products, IDOBAO has customized some reference color plates of our existing colors. Among them, 10 sets are anodizing processes, and 5 sets are powder coating processes, which are convenient for you to refer to.     If you are interested in design, please contact our email: lewis@idobao.net Our...
  • IDOBAO crystal keyboard kit installation

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    Crystal version assembly video Many customers about the crystal version said that they didn't know how to assemble the products. We made the assembly into a video, which is convenient for customers to see how to assemble the keyboard. The video takes the ID80 crystal version as an example, and other transparent versions are the same assembly methods. Note: Black flat head screws are...
  • ID96 A compact full size type keyboard

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    Idobao community has added a new member. We have only made 50 sets of products in stock to sell this product. We define idobao 96 as a compact, lightweight full-size keyboard. link:   https://mnmt4ez8dj2j04pr-38213484675.shopifypreview.com/products/idobao-id96-aluminum-keyboard-kit?variant=39259934982275 
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