ID80 V2 pink version

ID80 V2 pink version

Hello,every Key friend:

    Our team is planning a new id80 V2 version

We have some renderings attached. Welcome to our discord to discuss this.

Discord no# is  update

Thank you

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  • only a single color is releasing?

    roger on
  • Very nice. This is something I’m definitely interested in. Please confirm that it’s going to be offered in colors other than pink?

    MrChickenSalt on
  • Oh, my I would love to see the LED version in navy blue with ISO support :)

    Michael on
  • Excellent. Was just about to pull the trigger and buy a board, then I saw this. Now I’m going to hold out. Do you we have any estimated date of release?

    Clint on
  • Can you send a new discord invite link? The link is expired.

    ExpensiveDinner on

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