Effect of ID80 improved version


pls check this https://youtu.be/ICaKUGdegUY

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  • I thought I leave a positive comment by saying the Idobao has been very responsive to my emails. I ordered my keyboard on April 20th, and whenever I had a question I emailed them at info@idobao.net, and they always responded nicely.

    Sam on
  • Has anyone heard from IDOBAO? They are not replying to my emails.


    Betsy on
  • Z, I haven’t heard back from them. I sent an email to try to change my order. No reply, so I sent another to try to cancel it so I can place a different order

    Daniel on
  • Has anyone gotten a reply recently from them? seems like theyre ignoring my emails. i accidently ordered the plate mounted version

    Z on
  • So…. What is the big problem with Plate mounted? I understand the mounting is different, but how is it different from a typing perspective once everything is mounted and done?

    Mathias on

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