Improved id80

Hey  friends, it's idobao store here, 

We plan to make some changes in id80 to correct some wrong designs

1.We changed PCB  stab to Plate Stab. 


It will solve the problem that the stab foot is against the bottom case, and at the same time, it can reduce the sound caused by tapping the keyboard。

2.we will change this bottom case R angle. It will not be too sharp to hurt consumers' hands。


All 2nd version, we will fix these 2 question.

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  • Good thing i picked mine up before they made this change.

    Sebastian Shaffer on
  • If you revert back to pcb mount stabs are you going to redesign the case for more clearance so the stab foot does not hit the bottom of the case?

    Rockydbull on
  • Please revert this decision. We all want PCB stabs that we can screw in. Especially those of us who bought on Drop. Thank you!

    Nick on
  • I didn’t realize this change occurred and I purchased the ID80 by accident. How can I cancel my purchase?

    Anthony on
  • Really disappointed to see this update. Especially after I already purchased a set of PCB mounted stabilisers. Please reconsider this decision and revert back to PCB mounted stabs.



    Matt on

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